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Wellness at XenCIty

Wellness at XenCIty


  1. How does XenCity work?

XenCity works like AirBnB in the Beauty domain. It helps consumers find providers. Providers create a profile and put themselves on a Map. A consumer searches the area of interest, finds the providers, is able to see their services, pricing, availability, and reviews. Once the provider is chosen, the client is able to book right there and then.

  1. Who should use XenCity and why?

Xencity is for Beauty, Grooming, Wellness, and related providers, including fitness, nutrition, alternative medicine, success coaches, and so on. It puts providers on the searchable map.

XenCity targets consumers who are looking for a new service have just moved to a new area, tourists, those dissatisfied with their current provider, or simply want a change. It focuses on the geographic location, services, and price range, availability and reviews as the selection factors. While Google Maps allow consumers to see businesses in the area, it takes hours of researching each provider to get to a point of booking. With XenCity, it’s as easy as Search, Research & Book. See Features for more insight.

  1. What features are available on the Free Plan?

Your profile/ account has all the features that you would normally get when you create your own website. The difference is you do not have to pay for your domain, hosting, and scheduling. It’s included with XenCity. Your personal URL (link) can be shared with customers just like you would share your website link. This alone saves you hundreds of dollars each year.

Additional features include: unlimited gallery/image/video upload, document upload (policies, procedures, certifications, pricelists, etc), availability publishing, review management, supported amenities and languages, request for quotations, instant booking, soon to be enabled payments (with a small service fee), and more. You can link your social media and other websites to your XenCity profile to increase credibility.

  1. How do I Sign Up?

If you have a Google or a Facebook account, the sign up will accept those credentials, or you can create one from scratch in 1 minute. Once you create your profile, all the sections of the page are available to you. You can return later to add more details and images. The more complete your profile is, the more comfortable a potential client will fee booking instantly with you.

  1. How does XenCity use my information?

The information provided at registration (your account login) is private. We do not share it without your permission. The public profile you create is accessible from the web by anyone. That’s what you want anyway so people can find you. Use featured keywords on your page to make it searchable by search engines like you would with your website.

  1. Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. There are no contracts. Since, at this time, we only offer the free plan, there’s no reason to cancel.

  1. Are there hidden fees?

There are no fees to have your account/profile setup on the Free plan. The payment processing feature will be offered in the near future, and XenCity will collect a small percentage processing fee similar to any other processing engine. A customer will be charged a negligible convenience fee when booking online. They are not obligated to pay online

and may choose to pay to the provider directly. The advantage of turning on the online payment feature is that the appointment confirmation will require a full payment in advance, which reduces cancellations, no-shows, and late payment issues.

  1. How do you market to the end consumer?

XenCity is utilizing multiple ways to reach the end consumer, including social media outreach, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, events, strategic alliances, publicity, and referrals. Our target audience is women who are interested in looking beautiful, feeling healthy, and staying fit. It also includes men that share those goals, although they are not our primary target consumers.

  1. Who do I contact with any additional questions?

You can send us a message via social media,, or via contact us page.

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